NMN Skincare Trend


What is NMN?

NMN is a compound that is being studied for its potential anti-aging effects. The compound is believed to help improve energy levels, protect cells from damage, boost metabolism, and skin benefit.
How fast is NMN growing in popularity? Interest in NMN grew 53% over 2022, compared to the year before, putting it at a current volume of 171K searches per month, as of last month. The market is growing rapidly.

What is NMN benefit for skin?

Over the years, scientists have discovered that UV radiation, a form of electromagnetic radiation emitted from sunlight, is a major culprit behind the processes of skin aging. Large doses of UV rays weaken the skin cells, causing them to age faster than normal. Overexposure to this radiation causes cellular senescence, and destroys the collagen fibres of the skin cells thereby causing skin shrinkage and premature skin aging.

The discovery of the anti-aging effect of NMN and its potential to enhance cell longevity have triggered increased interest in the study of the pharmacological actions of NMN. Some of the potentials of NMN include anti-diabetic, cardio-protective, and anti-hypertensive effects. Most of these diseases are mainly age-related, and are linked to the deficiency of intracellular NAD+.

NMN increases skin elasticity. Boosting muscle function. Improving metabolism. Improving aging-related infertility. It is a new technology for aging skincare product.