Private Label Your Own Hydrogel Face Mask

Premium Hydrogel Face Mask

Natural Marine Plant Extract 100% Made By Serum

Hydrogel extracted from various marine plants(Seaweed) and Polysaccharides. Each monosaccharides has its own benefit for skin, including anti-bacterial, anti-oxidation, moisturizing. The unique material of hydrogel mask is biodegradable and Eco-friendly.

Release Serum To Skin Directly

The hydrogel mask infused with essence, all made by serum without cotton sheet. When sensing skin temperature, it will slightly melt and release essence to the eye skin. The essence can infuse to the skin directly without volatilizing. We add some active ingredients like peptides and hyaluronic acid or anything you want to customize your own formula and own function. 

Ultra-Moisturizing and Fit Perfectly

Rich in natural plant extract which makes it is very skin-friendly and suitable for sensitive skin, especially after-surgery., The texture is ultra soft and smooth. Hydrogel sticks on face perfectly, which can release serum directly and lock moisture.

We can customize your own formula, color like white hydrogel mask, gold hydrogel mask, black hydrogel mask or green hydrogel mask. Also, we can offer you dry hydrogel mask so you can fill serum in your facility. OEM/ODM your own hydrogel eye mask now.