PhytoSpherix® : Glycogen Highly Effective Anti-Aging Ingredient For Skincare

Immediately Feel & See-Premium Anti-aging ingredient for skincare

PhytoSpherix® is a completely natural form of glycogen, sourced and produced from plants by a new, patented green process in Canada. As a highly branched polysaccharide with a unique structure, it is used for its humectant and film-forming properties.

As a key energy source to skin cells, it helps to revitalize skin – dramatically improving smoothness, minimizing age spots and refining skin tone while increasing firmness and moisture content of the skin. 

Glycogen is naturally present in our body. When needed, our muscles use glycogen as the first source of energy as it is readily available and quickly transformed into glucose.

In our skin, glycogen is also produced in stressful conditions (UV exposure) to improve the skin’s cell energy level as an “emergency response”. Adding glycogen topically provides an efficient energy source to our cells for a multifunctional effect on the overall skin appearance. 

The above two pictures show the testing result, from 30 women (age 40-50), using glycogen twice per day and continue for 6 weeks, completely reduce wrinkle and fine line, also the dark spot become light, give you brightening skin.

We use Glycogen and mix other active ingredients like peptide, apple stem cell to make effective anti-aging skincare products, like Anti-aging spray, anti-aging toner, anti-aging serum, anti-aging nigh cream and anti-aging facial mask. 

It has skin benefiting nutrients to drastically rejuvenate tired looking skin, increase skin firmness and make skin glow its so healthy. Replenish your skin with vitamins, antioxidants from nourishing plants & flower extracts. Combined with skin tightening and elastin/collagen stimulants to help skin regain elasticity and plump. Especially for post-menauposal skin who needs more nourishment, moisture and firmness.

Help with its high hydration and repair potential. Makes the skin look years younger by discouraging brown spots and wrinkling. It is ideal for those in their 40s, dry skin, exposed to dry hot climates and for night repair.

If you are looking for creating the anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, firming, lifting series of skincare products, glycogen is the best choice for your key ingredient which is effective, immediately see and feel one. Start your own private label anti-aging skincare now. 


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