Private Label Your Own Collagen Drink

OEM/ODM Your Own Collagen Boots Beauty Drink

Dosage form: Liquid

Recommended Daily Consumption: 1 sachet per day

Flavor: Rose and Fruit Flavor

Main Ingredient : Damascus Rose Extract、Salmon DNA Extract、 Grape Skin Extract、 Japanese Sakura Flower Extract 、Vitamin C、Fish Collagen、 Elastin 、 Silk ProteinStreptococcus Zooepidemicus

8 Weeks to revive your skin to New-born Baby

Our Amazing Collagen Drink Ingredients

  • Damascus Rose Extract

         Efficient anti-oxidation, resists free radicals, promotes skin cell proliferation ,                   repairs skin, increases growth factor and promotes collagen production.

  • Salmon DNA Extract

        Replenishes your DNA and activates cells, promotes skin hyaluronic acid                        production, helps anti-aging function, improves all skin conditions and skin tone.

  • Grape Skin Extract

        Delays the aging process of skin cells, inhibits the activity of tyrosinase and                    reduces the formation of melanin. Prevents the destruction of collagen and elastic          fibers. Reduces the damage and inflammation caused by ultraviolet rays.

  • Japanese Sakura Flower Extract

        Inhibits melanin production, promotes collagen production, effective of anti-aging.

  • Vitamin C

        helps in the formation of collagen, reduces pigmentation (spots) and anti-oxidant            effect, which can reduce the sunburn aging effect of the skin.

  • Elastin

        Efficient anti-oxidation, resists free radicals, promotes skin cell proliferation ,                  repairs skin, increases growth factor and promotes collagen production.

  • Silk ProteinStreptococcus Zooepidemicus

        Contains about 18 kinds of amino acids. Taking silk protein for four weeks can                effectively improve skin elasticity and restore firmness.

  • Hyaluronic Acid

        Improves the skin’s moisture retention. It can form a breathable protective film on          the skin’s surface and prevent moisture from evaporating inside the skin.

  • Japanese Fish Collagen

       Contains collagen and peptide which highly supports your skin recover wrinkle               and improve moisture. Also, fish collagen is smaller type, which is more effective           to absorb by human blood.

Studies shows that 35-50 years old women, takes 5g per day, 8 weeks result of their moisture and skin texture extremely recover. Start your own private label collagen drink now. We can customize your own formula and different types of form, OEM collagen powder, OEM collagen drink, or OEM collagen jelly.