Private Label Brow & Lash Extension Thicker Gel

brow & lash extension gel
brow & lash extension gel


Brow & Lash Extension Thicker Gel

The product makes lashes thicker and adds definition to the brow line while also providing care and nutrition. We add peptide, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, to make lash & brow healthier and stronger. 

Enjoy longer, thicker, uplifted lashes, without using color mascara, , our lash gel is transparent, and brings out the best in your natural eyelashes look.



  • Use lash & brow gel before makeup
  • Have Natural Full Thick Lashes in Minuets
  • Stand out for 8 hrs
  • Our gel seals the fibers in place, with longer fibers and curved flexible
  • Made from safe, natural, non-toxic ingredients.