PCR Eco-Friendly Beauty Package


Discover the revolution, a captivating exploration of the surging wave of sustainable and green offerings reshaping the cosmetics industry. We can create vegan formula sheet mask, no animal ingredient green serum, also now we provides PCR cosmetic bottles, tubes, jars, etc, we can make 30% to 100% PCR package. From inside package formula to outer package, all GREEN CONCEPT!!


  • PCR is more expensive than PET.
  • Due to the PCR creation process, there is also color variation from package to package. Depending on how you want to frame your marketing, this variance could be used as an advantage (eg. “each piece is unique”)
  • PET is clear and you can make any color,  PCR material is somewhat milky

If you are looking for the Eco-friendly packaging, please contact us, we can make all you need.