Hydrogel Mask VS. Sheet Mask


What is the different between Hydrogel & Cotton Sheet Mask?

This hydrogel is soaked in a serum solution and melted by skin temperature, transfers the serum deep into skin.

This transference of effective serum from the mask to your skin is what gives our hydrogel masks a cooling, refreshing, soothing sensation for your skin.  Besides, the texture is like jelly, which is very comfortable, and fit for all skin types. 

The cotton sheet and fabric sheet mask, it cannot soak serum perfectly, and serum will easy to volatilize to air, you cannot get full serum into your skin. Besides, some of cotton sheets are made from artificial material, it might get allergy and the cutting cannot fit all kind of face shape. 



Why Hydrogel is new shinning star in sheet mask market?

Translucent and gel-like, these are known as hydrogel masks, and are fast becoming the preferred alternative to regular cotton sheet. The coolest thing is that it can totally melt in hot water, which fits ECO-Beauty trend, and biodegradable concept. It is good for deep-hydrating skin, better than cotton sheet but cheaper than bio-cellulose. 

What is the different between Hydrogel & Bio-Cellulose Mask?

The bio-cellulose is made from natural coconut water, so it is biodegradable material, also it used for after-burn skin, which is a medical sheet material. It is very good for aesthetic & micro-needle treatment. It will make your skin calm & anti-red skin. 

Hydrogel masks is easy to fall off from face, unlike it, the bio-cellulose mask fits the contours of any face shape snugly, making sure every inch of your skin is getting the benefits of the ingredient, also hold on face tightly, it won’t fall off at all. But the bio-cellulose is more expensive. 

Benefit between three masks

Cotton Sheet : Fabric, cheapeast

Hydrogel : Made from Natural Polysaccharide and Serum, biodegradable, cheap

Bio-cellulose : Made from coconut water,  biodegradable, medical material

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