100% Biodegradable Serum Mask


Formed by full of Serum Mask

Can you imagine 1 Mask = 20ml Serum ? Hydrogel mask is formed by full of serum, its an ampoules mask!! While sheet masks are often made of cotton, paper, or bamboo, hydrogel masks are made of thicker ‘jelly’ materials that can hold more hydration and adhere better to the skin.

Unlike traditional sheet masks, these are made from cotton, synthetic polymers,  enabling them to hold large amounts of serum. Hydrogel masks are typically soaked in a serum that is directly deposited on the skin when the mask is applied.

After applying it, the hydrogel locks in moisture, releasing nourishing serums into the skin directly. They make skin feel instantly refreshed, and are exceptionally hydrating. This makes hydrogel masks great both in the summer (when skin needs a quick cool-down) and in the cold, dry winter months (when skin is more prone to dryness).


100% Biodegradable Ingredients

It mades from seaweed extract, and plaint extracts, also with active materials like HA, peptides, Q10 etc. Besides, after using it, you can put in the hot water, it will totally dissolved, which is 100% biodegradable and eco-beauty.

Private label your own hydrogel mask, we can create your own formula and customize your ideal ingredients, to make your unique biodegradable sheet mask, odm polysaccharide mask!