Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable Bio-Cellulose Face Mask

How to make the Bio-Cellulose Sheet?

  • The Bio-Cellulose is derived from natural coconut water, and fermented with acetobacter xylinum in 7-12 days.
  • Coconut water contains many nutrients such as protein, glucose, after inoculating wood vinegar bacteria, it can absorb the nutrients in coconut water, after digestion then pour out with nano grade natural fiber (2 ~ 100 nm) to become the sheet.
  • The material is very smooth, soft and totally food-grade, biodegradable.

What is the benefit of Bio-Cellulose?

  • Bio-Cellulose has 3D mesh structure, which makes high essence retention, to keep moisture long-lasting.
  • It can absorb the essence 60- 700 times by itself, and make the essence penetrate to skin perfectly, otherwise the regular cotton sheet mask won’t absorb serum perfectly since the serum will evaporate to the air.
  • Ultra-fine nano scale and completely adhere to the skin texture.
  • We will add more active ingredient to strengthen moisturizing function, also we can do the vegan formula to claim the vegan face mask, Cruelty free face mask and paraben free face mask.   

How to use?

  • Use 30 mins, it can truly feel dry for your face, and all the active ingredient penetrate directly into your skin
  • If you are the oily skin, you will see your T-zone deeply derived oil, which makes your pore-cleansing, Detoxifying face mask and feel moisturizing.


For satisfied the different parts of body care, products classified as: face bio-cellulose mask, eye bio-cellulose mask, nose bio-cellulose mask, lip bio-cellulose mask, neck bio-cellulose mask, breast bio-cellulose mask, belly bio-cellulose mask and some special designs.

Every part has many molds for different size and shapes. We have more than one hundred molds and also we can customized your own shapes.