Private Label Your Own Makeup Primer

How does primer work?

Use before the foundation, Make-up primers create a smooth, less porous surface onto which you can add longer lasting make-up. Finding the right primer for your skin type, like oil control function or moisturizing function, to make your make-up last much longer and brightening your whole look. 

Customize different function for your own primer

Moisturizing, Brightening, Long-lasting for Dry-skin: Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Illuminating Primer, La Mer The Perfecting Primer

Anti-aging : Dr. Barbara Sturm Anti-Aging Primer

Sun Protection with SPF+ : Bobbi Brown Primer Plus Protection SPF

Concealer Function : Clarins SOS Primer Green, Orange, or other colors, we can customize any color for your preference.

Oil-Control For Oil-skin : NARS Pore & Shine Control Primer

Our R&D team can create SPF+, oil control ingredients for acne skin, moisturizing ingredient for dry skin, and anti-aging ingredient for older age. 12hr long-lasting, vegan & cruelty-free formula. Texture can be cream or liquid, color can be customized too. Package options from airless press bottle, Plastic bottle, lip gloss bottle or tube. 

Start your own private label makeup primer now, we will support you to develop from formula, color, design, package to shipping.